Title: Lead Single
Artist: Taylor Swift
Played: 11184 times

The Lead Single from Album 5

guys you do realize it’s nearly august right?? it’s been one year and a half since haylor split up and yet when album 5 comes out literally everyone will be saying every freaking song on it is about harry styles and pretty much every directioner will be calling taylor names again… it’s just sad… even though I’m super excited for this new era I’m not so excited for all the hate, we’ll have to deal with a lot of immature people so just don’t send hate back and be the bigger person, we’ll get through with it just like we already did it once!! oh and we’ll have to send extra love to taylor, she said so many times how she’s proud of this new project, let’s make sure she knows we’re proud of her too and we love her lots


tbh this whole hierarchy of “superfans” is really ridiculous, it’s kind of unfair that accounts with excessive amounts of followers are singled out as the biggest fans…like i’m not denying that they’re huge fans but it’s annoying that taylor nation doesn’t really make any sort of effort to include others & give other fans exclusives & opportunities when some have had so many already 

Taylor Out and About in NYC (07/29/14)




Shoot me in the fucking vagina.

This fandom needs to calm

I’d like to think that regardless of the actual truth, this kind of picture makes Taylor and Karlie laugh out loud.


Taylor Swift leaving the gym in NYC, July 29